Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam, 10.6-Inch, 4FT6 Double

Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam, 10.6-Inch, 4FT6 Double: Product Details
Ej. Life mattress contains individual wrapped pocket springs, giving independent support for every area of your body, eliminating roll-together. Additional key fillings offer extra support and comfort, including a deep layer of Memory Foam, providing a soft, luxurious feel. The Memory Foam moulds to your shape during the night, supporting your body's sleeping position and helping to alleviate discomfort on sensitive pressure points. The soft-touch micro-quilted cover adds a final touch of softness and comfort.
● You get support in the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely follow your body.
● Top layer of memory foam keeps you comfortable by reducing pressure points and properly aligns the spine while dispersing body heat and creating a cool surface.
● High Density Base Foam provides comfort and support for an undisturbed sleep by lessening motion transfer for sleep partners – you will not wake when they do!
● Stretch fabric on topside of the mattress moves with you to maximise comfort.
● 9 comfort zones give very precise support and relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.
● All of our Mattresses comply with UK Fire Safety Regulations.

Package and Shipping Weight
This mattress is delivered in a small box, as it had been rolled and vacuum packed, allowing for easy storage and movement through tight staircases and doorways ; please allow 24-48 hours for mattress to fully decompress. Weight of box ranges from 60-80 lbs.

Keep distance and enough room to the mattress when opening, as it may have a risk to smack people when expanding.

Care instructions
✘ Do not wash.
✘ Do not bleach.
✘ Do not tumble dry.
✘ Do not iron.
✘ Do not dryclean.
✔ Vacuum clean.
✔ Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

One-year pro-rated warranty.: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home