Genuine Butterfly Pillow® with White Pillowcase, Orthopaedic, Cervical Support for Back and Neck, Pain Relief Cushion, Perfect for Side Sleepers

Our Genuine Orthopaedic Butterfly Pillow® gently eases the body into an ideal resting position. The unique hourglass shape allows the pillow to provide the head
and neck support necessary for a good night's sleep.

Our pillows are also great for easing muscle and nerve tension by helping to align the spine during sleep. It has been known to help relieve stiff neck, back pain,
shoulder pain, and morning headache.

Filled with 100% soft polyester fibres and covered in a soft polycotton cover. Polycotton housewife style pillowcase included with pillow, fully machine washable.

Size: 60cm long x 45cm wide (33cm wide at narrowest point).

Please note that our products are not for home approval.

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