Mattress Too Hot? Breasley’s OUTLAST Flexcell 700 Memory Foam Mattress . NEW outlast Temperature Regulating Fabric. *HELPS COUNTERACT OVERHEATING*. Double Bed Size (4″6)

The outlast 700 Memory Foam Mattress by Breasley has a 20cm depth overall, which is constructed from a 13 cm castellated reflex foam base together with a 7cm laminated layer of premium visco memory foam on top which is covered with a high performing outlast cover. .

is a breakthrough in terms of enhancing the performance of memory foam mattresses by managing body temperature, as for some, this can be the only downside The new OUTLAST cover virtually eliminates this by using thermocules to regulate body temperature.

Outlast works in a unique way, the use of thermocules within the fabric allow the cover to absorbs any excess body heat and store this away from the skin keeping you cool and comfortable. The amazing high functioning outlast fabric will then release the stored energy back to you should your temperature drop below a certain level, this will avoid sleep disruption due to being either too hot or too cold in the night. Rest assured that the outlast 700 memory foam mattress will ensure you maintain a body temperature which is conducive with achieving a cool, comfortable, uninterrupted restful nights sleep The outlast 700 mattress is fitted with a zipped outlast cover which can be removed and washed at 40 degrees. Whatever the time of year, be secure in the knowledge that you will not be too hot, or too cold, but……just right! Double bed size

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