MaxxGoods ALOE VERA SPECIAL OFFER: Orthopaedic Cervical Spine & Neck Support Pillow – Made from Pressure-Equalising Gel Visco Foam – EXTRA FOR FREE: 2 Outer Protective Cases with ALOE VERA – Pillow/Cushion/Neck Pillow – 40 x 80 x 15cm

We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed. This is why only THE BEST is good enough.
Dear customers, take the time and try this out for a relaxed sleep in peace and quiet. You'll be enthusiastic about it after just a few days and will soon start to love this pillow.
NEW ARRIVAL: Orthopedic cervical spine neck support pillow made from pressure-equalising viscoelastic cold foam, with TWO protective covers from natural fibres, previously bathed in Aloe Vera .
Without feathers or down. The inner gel visco foam and outer protective covers (which can be washed at 30°C) make it particularly suitable for those with allergies. The ALOE VERA in the cover moisturises your skin, protects it from drying out and keeps it firm and elastic.
Our neck pillow supports your cervical spine precisely where there are hollows. This effectively relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles, and reduces stress and sleeplessness. The visco pillow ensures a perfect sleep. This also means that headaches due to tension are avoided. You will wake up relaxed and well-rested.
It reduces the burden on the cervical spine precisely where pressure develops, and ensures a good blood supply to the region while sleeping at night.
The inner cover is 100% cotton and washable at 60°C – the pillow reduces pressure, is antiallergenic, anti-mite, ecological, orthopaedic, reusable, anatomical, ergonomic and free of harmful materials.
L 80cm, W 40cm, H 15cm; Weight 1.95kg.
Also available in H 9cm (XXX) and H 12cm (XXX) sizes.
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