Sanolind Orthopaedic Leg Elevation Pillow, Leg Support Cushoin, Vein Cushion, Helps against Overloading Complaints or after an Operation / Size 70 x 50 x 20 cm (White)

Anyone can suffer under pain in the legs or calves!

Watch out for the following early symptoms!

> The legs suddenly become heavy as lead and start itching.
> Swelling of the legs or ankles after prolonged standing.
> In the evening, the legs ache and tensions occur.

The solution is the orthopaedic wedge by Sanolind®

The veins are under constant pressure that is often felt only after a long day of working.
This leg pillow is supposed to raise the legs to relieve them and mitigate pain.
The pillow consists of pressure-relieving, antiallergic
comfort foam which is mite-resistant, ergonomic, ecologic and recyclable.

More fields of application are:
> After sports injuries and surgery.
> During pregnancy or wateriness.
> Thromboses and calf cramps.
> Muscular discomfort and cold feet.

Besides that our Sanolind® pillows are frequently used in the care of the elderly.¬

Product Details:
✓ Finely tuned core made of high-quality comfort foam.
✓ Removable, washable cover – 100% cotton
✓ Dimensions: length 70 cm width 50 cm height 20 cm (27 ″ X 20 ″ X 8 ″)
✓ Colour white or blue
✓ Brand-name product "Made in Germany"
✓ Warranty

The Sanolind® leg cushion is a good practical cure for Your health.

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