Sareer Orthopaedic Memory Mattress – Medium/Firm – Single 3ft

Dimension: W: 900 x L: 1900 x H 230 mm

Presenting a firm yet comfortable support the Sareer Orthopaedic Memory is made up of traditional open coil springs and benefits from pressure relieving memory foam.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive designed to soften with body heat and mould itself to your contours. This reduces body pressure points and results in better blood circulation.

At its core is a robust interior made up of hour-glass shaped open coil springs laid out in a series of rows that run from head to toe and connected into one single unit by spiral helical wires.

For long-lasting support and comfort we recommend that you rotate the mattress on a regular basis. As it s designed to be one-sided there s no need for it to be flipped over.

– Open Coil Springs
– Memory Foam
– Hypo-Allergenic
– Dust Mite Resistant
– Quilted Panel and Border
– Back Support
– No Need To Turn

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